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evince v : give expression to; "She showed her disappointment" [syn: express, show]

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From evincer (old spelling of évincer), from evincere, "to conquer entirely, to prevail over, to prove exhaustively," from e- (an intesifier) + vincere, "to conquer."


/"i.vIns/ or /"I.vIns/ or /"E.vIns/


  1. To show or demonstrate clearly; to manifest.
    Common sense and experience must and will evince the truth of this. - South

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to show or demonstrate clearly




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Evince is a document viewer for both PDF and PostScript documents for the GNOME desktop environment. The goal of Evince is to replace the multiple document viewers that exist on GNOME with a single, simple application.
Evince has been included in GNOME since GNOME 2.12, released on 7 September 2005. It is written mainly in C, with a small part (the code that interfaces with poppler) written in C++.
Released under the GNU General Public License, Evince is free software.


Evince began as a rewrite of GPdf, which most people thought was getting unwieldy to maintain. In a short period of time it surpassed the functionality of GPdf. GPdf and GGV, the default Postscript viewer in GNOME, are no longer maintained.


  • Search: Integrated search that displays the number of results found and highlights the results on the page.
  • Page thumbnails: Thumbnails of pages show quick reference for page navigation within a document. Evince's thumbnails are available in the left sidebar of the viewer.
  • Page indexing: For documents that support indexes Evince gives the option of showing the document index for quick moving from one section to another.
  • Selection: Evince allows selecting text in PDF files.
  • Dual: Evince may show two pages (left, right) at a time.

Supported document formats

Evince supports many different single and multipage document formats. Here is the list of formats that are currently supported.

Built-in support

Optional support

Possible or planned to support

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

affect, approve, argue, attest, bespeak, betoken, brandish, breathe, bring about, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, cause, confirm, connote, dangle, demonstrate, denote, develop, disclose, display, divulge, dramatize, elicit, embody, enact, evidence, evoke, exhibit, expose, expose to view, express, extort, extract, flaunt, flourish, furnish evidence, give indication of, give sign, give token, go to show, highlight, illuminate, illustrate, imply, incarnate, indicate, involve, make clear, make plain, manifest, mark, materialize, mean, milk, parade, perform, point to, present, proclaim, produce, prove, provoke, represent, reveal, roll out, set forth, show, show forth, show signs of, signalize, signify, speak for itself, speak volumes, spotlight, stimulate, suggest, symptomatize, tell, tend to show, token, trot out, unfold, wave
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